Ecobee Smart Sensor 2 & Humidity

Does anyone know how the Ecobee plugin models newly added Smart Sensor 2 devices? My original implementation of the Ecobee included the newest thermostat w/ one Smart Sensor 2. For the sensor, temperature, motion detect, and humidity devices were created. However, the humidity device always shows ‘idle’ with the same reading as the humidity on the thermostat. Later on I added 2 more Smart Sensor 2 devices - the corresponding temperature and motion detect devices were autocreated (uPnP?), however, the humidity device is missing. So… either one of a few things is going on here:

  • Firstly, can the Smart Sensor 2 even detect humidity? I have this out to Ecobee support.
  • Second…
    – If the Smart Sensor 2 does support humidity, then there is a bug where the addition of any new sensors post plugin enablement does not add the corresponding device for humidity.
    – If the Smart Sensor 2 does not support humidity, then there is a bug where the initial enablement of the plugin adds an erroneous humidity device for any Smart Sensor 2 devices.

I just went on the ecobee website to look this up.
The new sensor is called the “Smart Sensor” (as opposed to just “ecobee sensors”). It is sold as a 2 unit pack. Unless I am mistaken. there is no Smart Sensor 2. Is that correct or am I missing something?

It is pretty easy then to look up the specs to find out that it has no humidity sensor just like the original. The sensors are improved, that’s all.

There is only one humidity sensor and it is in the thermostat. Please read the documentation of the plugin. The plugin created an additional humidity and temperature sensor because that’s how the API reports it and to be sure nothing is missed, the author decided to report both API outputs to a sensor in case it will be used for something else one day. It has nothing to do with the smart sensors and was not created because of it. This is not a bug.

Model number didnt show up properly. Correct, it is simply called “Smart Sensor” and comes either as a 2 unit pack or with the “SmartThermostat with voice control”. Appreciate the really good information you provided. If devices are auto-created by the plugin, and not currently used, would there be any way in Vera to “hide” this? (As opposed to deleting, as I wouldnt want to delete something which could later serve a useful purpose.)

At every luup reload the plugin goes to check what is on the API and will recreate the devices. That’s how, if you add a sensor for example, a new device will show up on the vera.
Not very useful to delete a device. Since I don’t use the native UI as my UI and use ALTUI instead, and I highly recommend it, I don’t really care for what shows up on the native UI. I actually prefer to be able to see all the hidden devices rather than having the ability to hide existing ones. But… if you insist. You can set the device attribute called “invisible” which will take your device off the UI…

In the lua test window run this:
where the devid is the device number of the device you are trying to hide. The problem with UI7 is that if you forget that devid in the future… you can never know where it is and bring it back. That’s where ALTUI comes in. You can just replace the “1” with a “0” to bring it back to the screen.

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