Ecobee Thermostat (by eZLO) Plugin

There’s a newer plugin app called Ecobee Thermostat (by eZLO) .

The instructions call for you to install the app, then add the Ecobee thermostat by adding devices (like you would a Z-wave device). Add Device>Thermostat>Ecobee. Then provide credentials to link your account.

Has anyone had any luck installing an Ecobee thermostat using this plugin?

It says it’s by “eZLO”, but I doubt it’s by Ezlo Innovations.

Where does one find this plug in?

From a browser (not the Vera app). Apps>Install Apps> search for Ecobee.

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@Lonestar10 I just saw this, too. I have the original ecobee plugin currently and it seems to work pretty well. Have you installed this new version and compared?

This has me hunkered down in classic “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” mode, so I’ll wait until someone else gives the ezlo version a try. But I will gladly admit that the “classic” ecobee plug-in (which I’ve used successfully for 3 years) is not without its flaws, so there’s always been room for improvement!

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Yes, the original works OK, except for having to get new PINs all the time. The new version, once installed, apparently will place ecobee under Devices>Thermostats where it can be installed by linking accounts. But it never worked for me. It never appeared under Devices>Thermostats.

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Ah that’s a solid point, interested to watch from the sidelines lol. I’m with @LibraSun where things are working so nervous to touch anything haha.

For example I just had to reconfigure an ecolink door sensor (read: delete/force unpair, then repair, then ‘configure node now’ multiple times to get things happy), and as I took a breath the last reload said my connection to Envisalink alarm panel was down. Which is active on the network and nothing has changed with it whatsoever. /sigh…

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