Ecolink garage door tilt sensor issue

I paired this with Vera Plus no problem. A z-wave device and a door/window device are created (similar to other devices on my system). I am able to turn on and off the z-wave device (or Vera tells me I can). But the sensor never shows open or closed and will not work in a scene.
The LED on the front will blink quickly once when changing the orientation of the device (to tilted or not tilted). The Ecolink manual states this means the device is connected to the z-wave network.

I saw an older thread discussing some advanced settings, and my device had all of those settings.
I paired this device at the install location. Noticed the problem. Brought it inside to within a few feet of the Vera Plus, and no change in the issue, so this is not a range problem.

try here

That worked. I had previously read another thread with some of this information, but did not know that the ‘parent’ device was the I/O device. I discussed with the Vera support team on another device a while back and they said there would be two devices - an I/O and a sensor device - bit of confusion.
I changed the I/O device (the parent device) with the advanced settings (the original door device - the child device - already had those settings).
In my case, now the ‘parent’ device does not show any status, but the ‘child’ (the original door sensor) does now show the status.
Also, the other thread instructed to change the category and sub-category, but the Vera system did this automatically.

Another bit of info, the test scene that I created with the original door sensor (the child device), now shows the trigger as the original I/O device (the parent device) and does not work. I changed it back to the door sensor (child device) and it works.


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