Edge: Memory problem when disconnected from internet


today I had been replacing internet router/modem so Vera had been disconnected for more than 1 hours, when everything went up I noticed several Alerts from Vera that it can not write system user data or something like that. It already happened to me once and I have created scene to drop cache when memory is less than 50 MB (based on some suggestions on this forum). This scene had been launched during that offline time so it was definitely because of memory less than 50 MB.

When everything went online I rebooted (SW reboot) Vera and afterwards after a while when I tried to connect to Vera (through cloud) it was saying Online and when I clicked on Vera to open the UI it told me that Vera has connection issues, I repeated several times and I was not able to get to Vera UI.

It was running stable for more than several months before I disconnected internet today. I tried to disconnect it again just for test purpose and in 15 minutes memory went down about 5 MB, when connected again to internet it went back to normal (in my case around 70 MB of free memory).

I had to turn off Vera completely and turn it now. Now it holds, fingers crossed. Can someone explain to me why when Vera is offline it looses its memory?

Is memory debugging on? Or log capturing? When not connected to vera cloud it might hold local … and slowly die.

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Not sure - I am not so much into logs etc., but here is the Logs setting I have found:

Thinking along the same lines, I’d have to suggest unticking the “show individual jobs” box, since it smothers the log with gratuitous information.

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Thanks will try untick show individual jobs. I don’t use logs for anything so mayby I could somehow disable it at all?

There is a thread somewhere here on disconnecting vera from the cloud but the person who did the work was banned for discussing non-EzLo platforms.

If you search you may be able to find it.

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Thanks, I wouldnt want to disable cloud, just stop logging.

Update: Yesterday I disabled that Individual jobs logging and today it was reenabled by itself :roll_eyes: It is not possible to disable it for always? I did that just by unticking it in Logs settings menu.

It should yes keep disabled.

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