Edge: usb to ethernet adapter

Hi, I am upgrading my Vera2 (yes it’s old, but UI5 has been rock solid for a long time for me) to an Edge. One of the nice features on my Vera2 was the extra ethernet port on the back that I used as an unmanaged ethernet switch to pass thru another device to my network and get it recognized via DHCP. (That device does not need gigabit speeds as it is a simple window blinds controller, and I ran out of ports on my nearby router.) So can I use a usb to ethernet adapter plugged in to the back of the Edge to basically do the same and get my peripheral device connected thru to my router? If so, do I have to do anything on the Edge itself or is it plug and play? I am hoping to avoid having to put in a standalone ethernet switch.

I doubt it. The vera OS would need to have the driver for your adapter which it certainly doesn’t given how old the base kernel and operating system is. That being said, without knowing exactly what chipset is in your usb/ethernet adapter, we can’t know. You could also go ahead and try to compile the driver from source if you can find it… This is a daunting task.

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