Edgestate and vera edge codes not working

Something odd has happened today with about 19 locks that we integrated into several edge controllers that have been working fine for a few months until today. Our hospitality PMS has a simple api into edgestate and edgestate integrates into vera but today neither seems to be working so i am having to go into each controller and add a new pin to about 19 locks. I also noticed a new firmware update but am scared sh**less to do it without getting all SAS vendors on the phone to discuss given the labor day weekend.

I can’t help with your error, but the fw update is not necessary. It’s useful only if you use cams in your vera, which you should not do to preserve performance anyway.

I can see the pin codes on the vera controllers that were pushed from edgestate but they are not working. Locks i use are yrl226 and kw912. Only thing that is working is if i add an additional pin/lock directly on the controllers. I know there an edgestate issue but this also looks like there is a vera issue too.

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