Eliminate arm or disarm from geofencing modes

I am setting up geofencing and want to use reactor to trigger all changes related to house modes, e.g home to away. However, in the dashboard, it seems I have to select arm or disarm for my motion sensors, for example. There’s no option for “No change”, that I can see, when the mode switches.
‘How can I prevent Vera from changing the arm status when the house mode changes?

You can untick ‘Device participates in house mode’ which will stop it from triggering the mode change (although, you’ll find triggering the mode change is the least of your issues)

Changes in mode activities are done from the dashboard and click on ‘My modes’


For some reason I cannot find this. I can definitely find the My Modes and see the option to disarm/arm per house mode per device, but I cannot find the option to select whether a device participates in the mode or not in that menu system or within the menu system of the device itself.

You just set them to ‘disarmed’ when in that mode. Does that help?


No, because I may want them arm’ed, this is independent of the home/away stuff. This is all controlled by reactor sensors. For example, I may still want a motion sensor on regardless if I am home or not. The logic for this is independent of the home/away. Consider a back deck motion sensor, I want this on if I am home or not but only at certain times of the night.
So is there no “device participates in house mode”?
I am leaning towards giving up on geofencing and using the iPhoneLocator app (but that’s also off to a bit of a rough start).

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Yeah I think your only option is to not use house modes. iPhone locator normally works OK, far far better than the native geofence but…


Maybe you could use @rigpapa Switchboard’s virtual scene controller. https://github.com/toggledbits/Switchboard-Vera/blob/master/README.md#virtual-scene-controllers

Thanks. For now, I gave up on the house modes and vera geofencing, the iPhoneLocator seems to be working with a few quirks. I’m going to test the stability for a few weeks to see how to take it further, if needed. Ordinarily I could collect enough experience to to make a conclusion in a few days, but we stil aren’t leaving the house as much. :slight_smile:

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