End of Support.

Hi all
[size=8pt]Apologies to all but I will no longer be supporting this plugin as our house got hit by lightning recently and it has taken out my AVR.[/size]

Currently I have no receiver as I am waiting for the outcome of my insurance claim. If it is successful I need to decide what I am going to get as a replacement which at this point I am fairly confident will not be compatible with the AVR3808 protocol.

Now own a Denon AVRX4300 which does support the same protocol to a certain extent so will continue to support. I have updated the plugin to now support the 4300.

Going forward the following changes will happen to the plugin: -

[ol][li]Removal of adding zones automatically, this will become a manual task[/li]
[li]Manual addition of inputs that are not automatically discovered[/li][/ol]

Please note that “Manual addition of inputs” already exists in update to trunk in git. Currently in the advanced/variable tab and takes the form of TUNER=Tuner USB=USB where the first word is the SI command and the second value is what it appears as on the Vera.


Hi there.
By any chance, do you know if this is using the same protocol as AVR4806CI? It has serial and ethernet ports…

Thanks in advance. Great work.

Sorry no, only way is to connect and see how it goes or find the protocol specs for AVR4806CI.

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