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I am a former Vera user (5+ years ago) and now use an ISY. I have become frustrated with the complexity of ISY and of limitations, including energy monitoring. I am now looking to move back to Vera and am hoping to confirm some assumptions before doing so. Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated?

My goal is to monitor and report BOTH from my house meter (either single whole-load reading or multi CTs) AND from individual smart plugs in the house for specific devices. Then I want this data to report to one or more good monitoring site. It would be nice if the controller?s (Vera) iOS app would also give a reasonable energy display. This has not been possible with ISY. (If interested see my ISY forum tread on this topic… )


  1. Am I correct that Brultech?s GEM has a Vera plugin and energy is reported to Vera on a CT by CT basis, just like a lot of smart plugs would report?

  2. Am I correct that both the GEM and smart plug data can easily be sent to the ERGY Energy site for detailed reporting?

  3. Can both sets of data (the GEM CT’s and the smart plugs) also be sent to other good reporting sites such as: (i) SmartEnergyGroup (SEG): and (ii) OpenEnergyMonitor’s monitoring site called emoncms: and ?

  4. Assuming the above, my smart plug data would be duplicated in my CT whole-house load readings, i.e. the plugs would be counted by themselves and counted again in the circuit panel load data. Does anyone know if the (i) Vera app, (ii) ERGY, (iii) SEG or Emoncms reporting can be configured to adjust for that double counting, e.g. not add the smart plug info to the Total Usage calculation?

  5. Not exactly on topic, but?is there any reason I should hesitate in moving from ISY to Vera?

  6. Is there a good reason to buy Vera 3 vs Vera Lite if wifi is not needed?

Thanks in advance!!

You never got a reply did you?

I guess its kind of a waste to spend the extra money for “smart” switches that monitor energy usage. Its now 4 years later and still no progress …

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