Eurotronic Z-Wave Spirit Plus and VeraEdge keep getting Can't Communicate and Ins in Display

I have 3 Eurotronic Z-Wave Plus units, I am getting two problems, 1 the Dashboard says they can’t communicate, but if I change temp from dashboard they start communicating again. 2 often I look at one and the orange back-light is on and the display says Ins, I remove battery and put it back and press middle button and all works ok. I have noticed when its in the state if I set Temp to 0 the unit is still communicating and closes the valve.

I had a Spirit that turned into the InS mode with display backlight permanently on every 1 or 2 days. The only thing got it back to life was to remove batteries and put it back in. I wrote with the Eurotronic support and they said there was a faulty batch (autumn 2019) of spirits that don’t work correctly. The Spirit will be replaced. You can contact them at

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