Explosive gas sensor

Anyone had experience with a z-wave enabled sensor that will detect Natural Gas?

I’ve seen a could of Zigbee versions, and some Z-wave that say they work on non-US frequency.

Just wondering if anyone had gotten any of these devices working with Vera Edge.

I brought the Zipato hm-hs1cg (Natural Gas Z-Wave Plus) and did manage to have Vera Plus recognize it, but, until know, I cannot made any alarm trigger nothing on Vera.

Vera see it as a Generic Zwave device, with an on and off button. When the detector gets in alarm mode (flashing some light and sound) nothing happens on Vera, not even the change of the switch from on to off…

This one, for now, it’s not working with Vera.


Try to change following parameters:

Device type to urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SmokeSensor:1
Device file to D_SmokeSensor1.xml
You should also change Device json but I don’t see spefic file for Gas sensor. You may try to use D_SmokeSensor1.json or maybe D_GenericSensor1.json.

Thank you for the sugestion, but it did not work…
The device changed to a Smoke Sensor but when it detects gas, Vera does not notify me (in arm or disarm position and using both json yyou sugested).

Your Gas Sensor Device => Advanced Tab => Variables Tab => change value from 0 to 1 in ?Armed? field.
Reload engine

Anyone made it working using these advices? I am trying to buy it and I want to know if it works. BTW: I havent found any other Gas sensor for Z-Wave, any tips and where to buy in EU?

So I got reply from Heiman(Zipato) HS1CG vendor that this gas sensor uses Classes which Vera does not support and there is no other gas sensor for Z-Wave on the market right now. What a shame…

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Hmm was looking for something like this at some point to trigger a toilet fan… :nauseated_face: