Expression scope across sensors

I found that if I define two expressions with the same name in completely different reactor sensors that are not related in any way, and use them in the Expressions and actions section, one of the action sequences in one sensor will simply not work. By not work, I mean the entire sequence will not play. The Moment I make all expression names different,everything works.

In other words, let’s say I define an expression named abc and I use that same name in two different reactor sensors, one of the two will simply not work. I assume the problem extends to more than two, just didn’t try it.

I was expecting that the variable scope was local to a given sensor since the values of other sensors don’t show up in a given sensor.

Is this user error?

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Can you post a logic summary for both ReactorSensors made at a point where the result you expect is not being delivered?

Edit: just tried to duplicate based on your description, and it all works fine for me. So get me those logic summaries that show the problem, because I’m not seeing it and I suspect there’s a detail somewhere in there that’s important to your result.

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I think my setup is simple. Here’s the variable definitions. If I reuse any of these variables in another sensor, one of the sensors activities will do nothing when tripped.

Here’s a portion of the activities…

OK. I really need Logic Summary reports, for both sensors, take at the time when either or both are not doing what is expected. I will not spend any time looking at this without them, honestly. To make a logic summary report, look in the Troubleshooting section of the Tools tab.

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Ok I don’t know if I want to go back and change them again to be able to try to duplicate the problem. I appreciate your offer, however. If I happen to get an opportunity again I’ll do that otherwise I guess it’s a user error

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