Ezlo Atom Local control

I have had the beta Atom 2 now for a few days. I was looking at controlling devices locally, but i see no way to connect to the Atom when the internet is down. I have disconnect my Broadband and then tried connect to Atom 2 via App, no luck.

Does the Atom have local control?

The hub operates without internet, but the app still require internet to authenticate.
The full offline support will come soon into the app too.
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Hello @ElCid,

All Ezlo hubs after power up establishing connection to cloud and in parallel listening for requests to be connected locally and can handle both connections in parallel.
Hubs don’t have dependencies from internet. In case you don’t have internet you always have possibility to make local connection.
As Adina said, mobile teams are working on the full offline support and it will come soon.


Cool, good to hear.

That indeed sounds cool!

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