Ezlo Atom operating in full Local mode

I am loving this local mode! Ezlo atom (v2) is a really fast system already (it executes commands instantly)…for example if i click on, lets say, “light on” button on the app, the vibration I feel on the phone of the button press and seeing the light go on happens literally at the same time), with local mode the experience is amazing.

No command is going thru the cloud…There simply is no reason why a command I issue in my home should leave my home and be routed through some cloud on the internet and send back to me to go to my controller!!!

Ezlo Atom is running a webserver inside its tiny but powerful CPU that allows direct local connection from your mobile app to Ezlo Atom itself. So now you can send commands directly from your app to Ezlo Atom without your commands having to be re-routed via cloud/internet unlike other platforms.

One of the reasons why Ezlo Atom has such amazing speed is the custom RTOS (real time operating system) we have written from scratch as well as the a whole new zwave stack we re-wrote from scratch. Kudos to the team!


How do you enable local mode? Mine says “connected through cloud”

Atom V2 has this capability. Do you have Atom V2 (which is only available as beta) or Atom V1?

I made a “regular” purchase via Amazon/Ezlo (received yesterday). So I assume it is V1? Firmware version 0.8.484 is all I can find (no indication of v1 or v2 anywhere).

yes V1. V2 is going to be public hopefully this summer.

I think we are all still waiting (whole world) till you ship the Atom v2 for beta testing? Or did some people other than Vera employees already test this v2?

And why do you still sell the v1?


Eric, proposing for you to join our Beta program for Atom V2 which is supprtong local mode.
Ioana will contact you and we will ship it to you.

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just because there is a 2021 model of the car being built, doesn’t mean the car company should stop selling 2020 model.

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That rather depends if they are no longer selling replacement parts for the 2020. Clearly that analogy is a stretch, and I have some sympathy.


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Will we “power users” be able to gain access to the root account of the Linux sub-system ?


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Thank you for sharing atom v2 i would really want to know more about this gateway.

May i ask question…

For local mode of atom, does everything work local?

  1. time scheduler,
  2. scenes,
  3. group association,
  4. triggers
  5. can still write scripts
  6. does plug in run?
  7. i read on some post like its a more updated OS compared to the UI7 on the plus or edge?
  8. just incase you know does all compatible devices from edge and plus also compatible with the Atom v2
  9. i wonder if it gets warm? plus and edge disconnects to internet or crash due to temperature.
  10. can do bridging
  11. is it like you can access it now locally using i.p address on web browser?
  12. camera still support adding ip cameras?

I ask all my questions in one post i hope its not too much :slight_smile:

basically im eager to know what i can do to edge and plus upto uploading my jxon file can still be done? or what is the limitation compared to edge and plus in terms of local.

and under this new updated OS if it is, what is the added advancements from the older…

thank you! :slight_smile:


It would be great if you ask more questions.

All of the hub API which is working with cloud also available in local mode.

Available in local mode.

Available in local mode.

You mean direct association in Zwave network ?
If yes, this part in development now.

Device triggerred scenes are available in local mode

Possibility to upload custom scripts in local mode for Atom V2 is not available now.

You can run plugin in local mode

On all of out hubs we are using the same Zwave library, so all our hubs are working with the same types and quantity of integrated devices

You mean manage devices from a second controller with the first one ?
If yes, we are preparing it for release now. This functionality will come with next updates

Much better…local mode directly from mobile application with auto recognition of the hub in local network

AtomV2 is not supporting cameras. But it will come in next updated for edge and Ezlo Plus.

I bounce on the last question about the application: it will be on smartphone or tablet, can we use the camera to use the flashcodes on the boxes of zwave devices to include quickly or not?

Help me understand – if everything can be done locally, is there a reason why you might still WANT to use the cloud? In other words, if everything operates the same locally, why would anyone consider using the cloud instead of running locally. What are the pros/cons of either choice?

I can think of many reasons the Cloud is helpful, among them:

  1. Adjusting my ecobee thermostat via the cloud not only keeps it in sync with the ecobee app, but allows me to monitor my monthly usage and/or receive timely notifications from the company;
  2. Some of my integrations rely on (or benefit from) connections to IFTTT or other API;
  3. Obtaining weather information from the cloud allows me to avoid the cost and upkeep of having my own weather station at home;
  4. Those of us with multiple residences may naturally prefer cloud-based solutions that enable devices to be synched or controlled remotely;
  5. Some devices are themselves intended to be linked to the cloud, so that streaming services, statistics/variables, location tracking or remote access can work;

I grasp that there’s a huge divide between being reliant on the cloud and simply opting to utilize cloud-based services, and I’m intentionally blurring the line here, since your question wasn’t “What happens when the Internet/cloud becomes unavailable?”

Historically, web outages for my primary residence are mercifully brief, thus do not pose much of an operational hazard day-to-day. As for privacy or other concerns, I have none.

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excellent observation!

Reliant vs Utilizing the Cloud is the key issue.

#5 may relate to my use case. I have a z wave deadbolt lock. If I’m not on my wifi (perhaps at my company’s office), and I use local control, will I be unable to control my lock remotely?

If I cannot control my lock remotely unless I’m home, then I’ll need to retain cloud control.

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You can run it on both: smartphones and tablets.

Smart start in development now for all our hubs and will be available in next updates

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There’s plenty of ways to solve that problem without using cloud services though.


Oleh, I’ve noticed that for each item you reply you always say that it’s already in development.
I think you are a part of vera staff, right? If so, do you guys have a statement of work or a list for the next 3 months for example?
Could you state what will go out in the next 3 months?

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