Ezlo Hubs First To Use Z-Wave Long Range

Ezlo Innovation Labs can now confirm that the Ezlo line of smart hubs, which includes Ezlo Secure, Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub, are all compatible with Z-Wave Long Range.
In late December 2020, the Z-Wave Alliance released their new Z-Wave LR functionality and Ezlo has already implemented it, building this amazing technology into all the Ezlo hubs with the 700-series Z-Wave chip.
Today we set up a Z-Wave LR device in the home of one of our employees and successfully connected it to our Ezlo Plus hub located in our office. The signal passed through several buildings between the device and our office, as well as multiple walls within our office. It was amazing to see!
We are very excited to share this functionality with you, and our engineering team will release it to our beta users soon.


Great work guys! Keep building.

how many meters and how many walls?

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Looking forward to this functionality, as currently in our house, made with engineering bricks, it barely makes 2 walls! I’ve had to put a z-wave socket halfway, to create the mesh network, to extend the reach so that device changes actually get processed on the target device.

Hi @Pitt13,

The range and walls are shown on the picture.


that’s good :grinning:

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