Ezlo Platform Z-Wave supported Command Classes & Devices

But only for Vera Edge…

for now, yes.
once all this is good…our intention is to bring the other vera hardware into fold as well.

Could you please change the lists in alphabetical order. The way it is now it takes you minutes everytime you want to search a certain sevice.


sure. The list now shows the devices in the order being implemented (new added devices at the bottom). However we can change the list in alphabetical order next time we update it for sure if that would be more useful.

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can you put selection filters please? this would allow everyone to quickly find what they are looking for


Hello @Pitt13 , @Sorin checked for a plugin for filters but we couldn’t find any. We are either going to change the order in alphabetical as @Mai_Pensato proposed here or have some other solution to make the list more user friendly to search in it.

Excel link ?

Hi Sorin and Melih.
At the end of the discussion. Is it going to be possible to translate in a Vera Edge gateway the vera firmware to Ezlo firmware.
I say because we have sold a lot of Vera Edge devices in the last months. How to explain to our customers the firmware is old and we must reset the zwave network to be able to upgrde it?
I think the most important think is the zwave network could be translated from one controller to another running Ezlo, without exclude/include hard work. The scenes, programs, … are less important, it´s more easy work to do new programs the “exclude/include”.

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The new Ezlo FW will be supported on the Vera edge/secure/plus. It is already in beta testing with the edge. It will require re-pairing of your Z wave devices, and you will have to set everything up all over again including scenes plugins etc.

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What about Qubino all products? and TBKHome products? Any plan of support?


Yes, they are already in plan

Please keep telling us any products you want to see supported in our new platforms under this post: Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the ezlo platform

We will keep updating the list with all the requests coming from the community and show progress of all those devices integration process.

Sorry, TBKHome should be TKBHome products…. (two letters interchanged) :frowning_face:

No problem :slight_smile: Btw if you have any particular TKBHome products to mention specifically, pls do so in this post so we can prioritize them among others. Tell us which integrations you want us to make for the ezlo platform

Thanks, in my particular case, I own TZ74 (EU Version) and TZ37 (EU Version too)

Best regards and take care.


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It’s easy to just copy from the post and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.

it’s even easier to click on a link and get the result

Wish you would finally add the Inovelli LZW36. One of the best dimmers out there and no support :frowning:

Is the LZW36 even available yet? The company website suggests it’s still in beta, “a work in progress” and was only due for release in Q2 of this year.

Ha, sorry. Pulled that off my pre-order and copied the wrong one. I meant the LZW31-SN Dimmer.


Hi @MCakan @melih
it is very good all these integrations but each time you have to wait for the release of a new firmware, why not offer the user a place where to download the integration files of the new modules, like a store for example?

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