Ezlo Secure Beta enrollment

I signed up as well although I’m still waiting for atom and plus to be shipped (waiting for enclosure as my set up is not optimal for board testing and I’d like to be sure of heat management for the final product). My vera lite, now vera plus being used with a custom made z-wave siren, I’d be happy to test the ezlo secure instead of (or next to) the ezlo plus…

I applied. Anticipating the Atom 2, Plug Hub 2 and the Ezlo Plus still yet to be sent. If they all show up at once I’ll have a lot of testing to do.

We’ve done some tests and created some videos to share with you about the Ezlo Secure.
You can check the speaker & mic functionality in this post.

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Thanks for these first pictures of ezlo secure

I Hope to be in the few beta tester.

I think i Can help , i have time to spend with new products

Sending great Corsican Sun🌞 for you


Sounds very good ! I’m pleased with the 2gig support - good news for my vera edge looking for retirement and one day my vera plus

Annnd beta is closed before I ever even saw the post.

I did not check the community for few days and it is frustrating to see that the enrolment has been closed already.
Especially after reading many posts that show people signing for multiple products. So some get 4 products to test and some none…

I have been waiting for this for a while, I own 2 Vera Secure and one Vera Plus, 150 devices. I did not enrol in any other previous beta because Ezlo Secure is the only controller I am interested in. I am based in UK.
It’s very frustrating.

Preparation process for the Beta of worldwide most powerful hub - Ezlo Secure !!!

Boards were flashed with the FW and provisioned and now ready for assembling with enclosures.
This is one of the JIGs we are using for flashing ZigBee and Zwave chips in Ezlo Secure boards

Backup battery tests for several units - all information about battery health hub sending to Ezlo test tool by WIFI.

Couple more pictures of enclosure parts

Assembling almost finished and testing main modules - all information about testing hub sending to Ezlo test tool by WIFI.


Looking good, hoping that I got in the beta :slight_smile:

I have feeling this is going to be the best hub on the market :clap: :crossed_fingers:

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@Oleh When do we get confirmation for receiving this very promising controller for beta testing ?

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Your flashing jig looks interesting. What’s with the lmu8 style linear bearings, as they don’t look to be connected to the board? Do you have any more pics you are able to share? Thanks.

its a Jig for flashing.

I get that! But with the the linear bearings, smooth rod and to the right another maybe printed part with what looks like very specific holes and bearing clamps, I was just interested in their process.

Hoping that I was selected for the beta as well. Having the integrated battery backup makes so much sense.

Looking good!
I have a Vera Secure at the moment (and a lot of other gateways and devices linked to it) wich I specificly bought for the purpose of working as a alarm system aswell as a smart home gateway so for me this is the only one that is a worthy replacement. So I’m hoping that I’ll be selected for the Beta-testning!!

When will you send out the email to the people selected to join the beta ?


Hi @Oleh @Ioana
when will we get a response or confirmation that we are part of the beta testers program?

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We’ll be sending a survey soon, based on which we’ll choose the final Beta testers.

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Couple fully assembled and ready for shipping units.


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