Ezviz Cameras

Has anybody manage to include Ezviz cameras in to vera controller?
In luup files i see multiple implementation files for EZVIZ cameras.

Does your Ezviz camera have a http mjpeg or jpg snapshot URL?

If so you can easily add it in to Vera.

Vera doesn’t support Rtsp streams.

No the Ezviz camera don’t have HTTP MJpeg snapshot, it does not have a web server also. But the new Vista Cam 702 is oem of Ezviz camera https://www.ezviz.eu/wifi-cameras/ezcube/ so it has to have the engine to support ezviz cameras as i said the implementation files are present in vera

Maybe someone from vera team can shead some light, because if the engine is there why not use it.

I don’t know about native support from Vera.

However I used Blue Iris software to integrate my Ezviz doorbell cam into Vera and various other things. As Blue Iris create a http url for the cam.

I used these instructions to add my ezviz DB1 doorbell to vera. I wanted to take a picture when a certain code is entered at the door, but the scene takes so long to trigger it doesn’t really work. Also, for some reason about half of the time the camera shows up as “not connected”. So “it works” but it’s not very useful.

How did you add your DB1 in to Vera ?

Are you using a firmware version that supports a snapshot jpg URL ?

The Ezviz DB1 with its standard firmware has no snapshot only RTSP stream.

Yes. I used the linked instructions to upload the most recent hikvision firmware, then use the IPADDRESS/onvif/snapshot.jpg url in Vera.

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I considered doing that also but I believe you then lose Google Home support / integration.

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