Factory reset and no more access with web Browser


Vera2 UI5 factory reset with the rear button. Power is on, ETH1 flash, Zwave on ==>all must be OK.

No access with the web browser, but i have an access SSH, and can browse the directory

How is it possible to ‘‘reactivate’’ the Web Access on ssh?

Is it possible to restore a back up from ssh?

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I answer from my self.

Firmware flashed and all Firmware updates to be same stage as before.
But date is always 31/12/1999.
Restore my backup. Every thing OK but same problem as before: no login to account and date 31/12/1999.
Internet access is ok …

Hi there,

Our Customer Care team would love to have a look at this matter if you log a ticket with them through an email to support@getvera.com

Thanks Sorin for your kindly reply.
Ticket #361405 already on support, it seems it would be not so simple,
Don’t understand why they control online the date and hours at the power cycle reboot …with no manual adjustment possibility, under ssh the date go back too after change.

I got a CMH reboot in the night 24 March 2019, since no more possible to log on the Mios Account.

You could cron an ntp update as well



Vera support do something with direct access to my vera to found a right solution. Date is now OK but impossible to connect to the Vera Server to have a distance control.
For control out home, Support told me i must have a router with VPN or buy a new Vera because my vera from 2011 is too old, new script in Vera Server unable to have right communication with old Vera. Sorry… I leave Vera after 8 years and try open source programm with direct access from internet to the zwave System:
Jeedom Smart Z, or Rapsberry 3 with Jeedom open source programm.

Guys, have a good time with Vera.


honestly, u really can’t complain here, Vera2 was before 2010 and u got 9 years out of it and you are upset w/ all the dramatics. Vera2 first came out around the same time as Windows 7 and Microsoft stopped supporting that a very long time ago. I’m not trying to change any minds but just get a new one. I’m sure you would not use an Apple iPhone 3GS today, C’mon man think.

I my self have been thru a Veralite and a Veraedge and now I’m at a VeraPlus, you have 0 complaints here. I’m not trying to be insensitive but really.

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