Fake smoke sensor and motion sensors appeared


I am using UI7/Vera Lite (upgraded from UI5 a couple of weeks ago).
This morning, I have noticed 1 smoke sensor (status: armed) and 2 motion sensor (status: disarmed) added to the interface. I see that they are child of a fibaro roller shutter FGRM-222 module.

Any idea about what happened? Can I remove then without them reappearing again?

I think I have this same issue. I have started to see this under devices _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) ten of them in one location my basement where I just recently added a Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor. That sensor is also showing up and is normal but these other fake items all show as sensors too. I deleted them all once and they came back.

I have deleted them and for now they had not came back. That’s however quite strange.

“_GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor)” is the message that most like applies to my 4 new Aeotec Smart Switch 6. When installed, three weeks ago, in UI 7, the messages were not there. They only appeared three days ago.

I have moved those switches from being listed in one room to another and these messages reestablished themselves in the new room, hence my suspicion that those are the units involved.

I now show 4 Smart Switch 6’s properly displayed as an On/Off Light-bulb icon and correctly labelled for their function, but also 8 ghost “_GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor)” indicators showing in the “Devices” page.

Whack-a-mole deletes the ghost sensors but they come back the next day.

So I tagged the 4 Smart Switch 6’s as “Favorites” and then totally avoid the “Devices” page, going only into the “Favorites” page so I don’t have to see the ghost links as they make no sense. serve no need, and are annoying.

Seems like Aeon devices tend to create these ghost sensors on the vera. I am getting really annoyed with this as it comes and goes intermittently. It seems to be a timing issue. When it happens, the vera seems to do a reset Z-wave network. After deleting all these devices, (I get a dozen at a time due to my Aeon HEM) my device number artificially goes up for the next device I add. How could this be avoided?

I have Quibino dimmers and I am getting them as well. It must V17.

I have them with Qubino dimmers as well, logged a ticket but MCV cannot fix it.

There’s a lot of reports of this now. Here’s another…


I too run into this.

I’ve even had it so I couldn’t delete them, even by doing via the URL method. I had to revert back to a backup prior to it occuring.

Why oh why does it happen?!

Dear Vera,

Please fix this, and try to recruite better programmers, because latlely all software seem to look auwful crappy.
I really get the idea that what you sell is not ready for the market.

Take a look at the Iphone app or android, its not complete and very very beta…

You’re gonna loose the market, people start switching to other systems!

and yes, same here, ghost devices

Sorry for my negative input, but it simply takes you too long to fix minor issues…

ps, the anyoing questions that you have to fill in to send this massage, (when you are already logged in) is not helping either!!!

same thing here with BENEXT dimmer Module …

Same here… Actually posted earlier today in http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,33459.0.html but this thread seems more active ;D

I have the same issue, their solution is to reconfigure the master device who is creating the fake devices but this will re-generate the real sensors (for the 6 in 1 sensor) and all scenes that use one of those sensors will fail since the sensor was removed. The new devices with the same name will have a new #id, so al Lua also needs to be updated. I saw this happen since the last firmware update, but I don’t see they try to fix it. If you need to fix go to the master device (usually a motion sensor), select > [settings] then select Advance, then Commands, click on (Configure node right now) wait some time. the fake devices will despair and all scenes and Lua references id will not match. You need to rename the other sensor [hummidy, temperature, UV, etc], I recommend after fix create a back up.

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