Feature request: more options for group state condition

In addition to current “changes” operation, it would be helpful to have two additional operations for group state:

  • changes to false
  • changes to true

Since Reactor is edge-driven, and the group state is boolean, there’s no difference between “is TRUE” and “changes to TRUE”, etc.

But in some cases the subtle difference is important, you want to know when group changes from true to false, not just if that changes

Anyway, thanks again for an amazing plugin and functionality! This would be just a minor thing

Easy to solve with two condition one “is TRUE” and one “is FALSE” then you can detect what you want.

No really, there’s no difference between “is TRUE” and “changes to TRUE”.


Because conditions only trigger when their result changes. If a condition result is true, and it gets re-evaluated and is still true, that does not trigger an additional “is TRUE”. It’s already true, so nothing happens. Therefore, “is TRUE” == “changes to TRUE”.

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