Feedback on these space commands

I picked up these commands from the forum

  1. os.execute(“rm /etc/cmh/ergy_cache*”)
  2. os.execute(“rm /etc/cmh-firmware/mios*”)
  3. os.execute(“rm -rf /overlay/etc/cmh/ergy_cache_paired_devices.conf”)

Should I consider using some of them, I was thinking of setting up a reactor to run on a regular basis, I seem to have issues now and again where some zwave devices just ignore what they are told to do and then when I either and or
reset zwave chip
reload engine
the problem goes away
any thoughts would be appreciated, I dont feel inclined to buy a powered usb hub and use something like datamine to try and figure out what is wrong

All those commands will do is remove old firmware versions and clear down ergy which your likely not using away.

Ok thanks, so any other commands that might help
perhaps a autoreboot or engine reload?

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