Fgs-223 detected as scene

I’ve fibaro fgs-223 double switch its identify as urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SceneController:1
on the main module.
why is that?
my vera plus uses the firmware 7.31

Mine is also the same the Master device. I never really noticed before though. It’s the two child devices you use which are listed as binary light.

Because this is a scene controller. You can catch double click or long press and associate scenes.

but it’s not a scenes controller…

As I said, it is. Scroll to “operating the device”


So are Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Fibaro Roller Shutter modules “Scene controllers”?

You can turn on scene activation on their parameters for those modules and do double, triple clicks and run scenes etc.

But they are not actually added to Vera as a scene controller.

Or am I missing something?

That’s because Vera devs never updated their definitions.

I’m using roller shutters as scene controllers via code in the whole house. I have two on our nightstands offering this only function (no load attached) and I choosed them to match the light switch décor (here in Italy we have a very distintive design for light switch that’s difficult to match with international devices). I got 7 different scenes with a single device.

Plus, I have a scene to close/open every roller shutter from anyone, and double click up/down to set the roller shutter to pre-determined positions. I use it rarely in this house, since I automated them, but it’s easier when you want manual control.

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