FI9928P Motion with Foscam HD

I have a Vera Plus (firmware 1.7.4453) and a Foscam F19928P camera that is configured using the Foscam HD app. Has anyone had success in configuring motion detection to trigger a scene in a similar configuration?

I have an FI9831P which provides several configuration options for reporting motion detection. I actually have it configured to send email to an openLuup system which can turn the email into triggers (and store the attached images.)

History seems to show, however, that just Vera on its own is a rather inadequate platform to support any significant camera operations. Many people use a separate server running BlueIris for such things.

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Just to add to @akbooer’s wise recommendation, indeed the vera is very underpowered to handle camera streams and also only have very limited camera support. It is puzzling why mios/vera even tries adding camera viewing on the vera when it kills the unit’s CPU and for who take snapshots, shortens the already limited storage lifetime. If you have a PC you can turn into a server, try BlueIris. Otherwise, I would recommend a NAS like Synology or QNAP which have very good camera support and are capable of handling motion trips and any other camera events and send an http call to the vera to trigger scenes.

Thanks Akbooer. The goal is to “dumb down” to just use the motion sensor within the camera to trigger other actions (e.g. turn on outside lights). Foscam has a separate application to access the cameras and store video/pictures in the cloud.

Can you provide your setup details?

openLuup is a Vera Luup emulator which runs on almost any hardware platform. There’s a whole forum section for it…

Thanks, but I’m not looking for something of this level of complexity. I’m simply looking for a way for the Foscam camera’s motion detection to trigger a scene without having to use BlueIris or another computer-based solution.

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