Fibaro devices firmware update how...?

I see in the Fibaro forum site that there are a new firmwares for some of the devices i use

how do i update my devices to the new firmware with vera plus…? and how do i see the device current firmware in the vera ui7 interface…?

I found a similar question posted several times but no answer… Anyone an idea if this is possible now and how?
If not, @vera team is there a plan to allow that in the future?

It’s not possible for users to upgrade OTA using Vera.
You have 2 choices, contact Support and ask them to do the FW upgrade for you or download a FW trial version of HomeSeer and use Hs to perform the OTA.

In July 2018 Fibaro has been bought by Nice Group, an italian company. Has anyone checked if they have changed their support statement about firmware? I wonder if they could be interested in getting a better support from Vera…

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