Fibaro Double Switch 2 - FGS-223 not switching off occasionally

I have a Fibaro Double Switch 2 running it with an outdoor PIR and 20w LED floodlight, each as a separate load.
Looking at the specs, it can comfortably function with a 20W LED floodlight.

It is running with a Vera Plus Controller UI7, with latest update.

I am having an issue where the FGS-223 is remaining on occasionally.
I have setup a scene so that when the PIR triggers, the floodlight switches on. The PIR time is set to 15 seconds. When the PIR switches off, the floodlight switches off. Once a week the FGS-223 does not switch off, leaving the light on all night. I also added a delay in the same scene for 30 and 40 seconds to ensure switching off.

It appears that FGS-223 seems to get ’stuck’. From what I understand they will work with an LED floodlight out of the box. Just to be sure, I also wired in a ‘dummy load’/low load capacitor but it still behaves the same.

A couple of days ago the light came on at Midnight and remained on until I manually switched it off in the morning. The same thing happened this morning.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I was hoping this light to trigger all of my garden PIRs but I wouldn’t want them to trigger all night as the Neighbours will be cursing me!

I would suspect a luup reload has caused your scene not to execute fully.
You may want to look at The Reactor plugin, which can handle luup reloads.

Thanks for the info, I will give it a go.

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