Fibaro FGD211 Diming

Hi Everyone

I want to use the above device as a switch. Can I turn off the dimming by adding a configuration setting. If I set parameter 13 to 98 would that do it? If so what do I select on the config drop down . There are a few to select in terms of bytes and hex or Dec. What setting do I go with.

Also when I out a meter on the output O it shows 240v when it’s on and off. Is this right?

Many thanks

P 10 to 0

As to voltage when off, yes dimmers often show voltage when off. I have never measured fully. The electronics are referenced to mains. It is also why when using led lamps you often get a glow at low wattage.

Thanks Elcid

What do I select in terms it bytes and hex or Dec. There’s a lot to choose from.

1 byte dec should work

Thanks Sorin. Out of interest what do all those options mean and how do you know which to chose?

I have set Parameter 10 to 0 but I can still use the summer slider. Is that correct?

I’ll presume you are a victim of predictive text.

You can set min dim level to to 98 if you wish. The slider will always move in vera, unless you edit the device file and json to “D_BinaryLight1”, that will remove the slider and the switch will act like a normal switch.

Haha. Yeah, I didn’t notice that before I posted.

So I can also param 13 to 98.

Yes, if you wish. But to remove the slider from the vera UI just edit the device file and json.

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