Fibaro FGS-223 how it works

Hello everybody.

I need information. I understand that Fibaro FGS-223 has the possibility to activate scenes by single click, double click, triple click.
My questions are:

  1. Can the device be configured to work with Vera Plus?
  2. If it is configured to activate scenes, can it directly control 2 bulbs connected to the device (on / off) and show their consumption?
  3. If point 2 can be realized, how does the difference between a simple click to activate a scene and a simple click to toggle a bulb?


Bit of a guess

  1. Eventually. I don’t think it’s simple
  2. Maybe not with scenes, I’d hazzard almost certainly with the Reactor plugin
  3. Not understanding this I’m afraid


In order to operate the scene activation it is necessary that the device be set as a momentary switch.
This means that at a push, the bulb turn on, at the next push the bulb turn off.
But this is the same thing with the simple click action of activating a scene.

Pretty sure Reactor could do that. I don’t have one of those devices to test with but it should be pretty obvious

No idea if native scenes in Vera can do it :frowning:

  1. yes, it’s supported since fw 7.29

  2. yes, it’s a scene controller, so you can attach scenes to it (or write some code to be more creative). I have one using long press to rotate colors in my hue strips, and other having other scenes with double clicks. it’s very easy to do.

  3. you choose. you can have both, if you want. see my previous image.

each input/output is separated and have its own consumption report

I ordered a device.

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Thank you very much!
It works excellent.

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It worked for about an hour. Then the message appears: “Please wait! Getting secure classes ".
I reset the device, unpaired it then paired it … same message.
Device names changed automatically, Q1 Load became 1 and Q2 Load became 2.
What can be the problem?

Set automatically configure to false.

Thanks. Works.

Today I mounted the switch.
Let me tell you how it works, at double click, triple click or held pressed activates my scenes but turns on / off the bulb to which it is connected by wires which is not okay.
Whether it’s double click, triple click, execute and simple click command.
What to do?

AFAIK it’s by design. I have one that I use extensively and it’s doing the very same thing.

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