Fibaro MultiSensor lux reading

I’m having problems getting proper lux readings from my Fibaro Multisensor (3 in 1). Currently in my office, with windows open and bright daylight outside, I’m getting a lux reading of 1 lux. I know it should be in the 100-200 lux range for this lighting.

I’ve tried deleting and adding the device again; it took restoring my network to do it, I believe because of the secure key exchange. I’ve called Vera support, and they basically gave me the “you should call the manufacturer, we don’t officially support this device” line, that they keep giving me on well established devices.

Has anybody had success fully configuring this device?

What’s the model number?


It’s the Fibaro FGMS-001

OK same as mine as far as I can tell. Mine work pretty well most of the time (certainly in bright sunlight) but there are a couple of settings that might be of import.

If you want to send your configurations I can see what the differences are


What’s the best way to send the configuration over? Screenshot?

I’ve got 20 of those little eyeballs in my system. Is it reporting motion and temperature properly?

Here’s my settings from one of them. Note that parameter 40 is the change in lux required for the device to send a lux update. If you have it set too high, it will never report.

Note that full sunlight outdoors is about 100,000 lux. Sitting on my desk right under my desk lamp, they report about 800-1000 lux. I wonder if you might be saturating the sensor looking outdoors? I have a couple of the similar Zooz ZSE-09 multisensors that I use outdoors to detect when the sun is shining, and they either max out at 12,000 lux or report 0 in direct sunlight.

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It reports the temperature too high (89.24F, should be around 70F), and right now it’r reporting 0 lux at my desk. Yesterday it was reporting around 75 lux at my desk late in the day, which still seemed too low. No, it’s not pointing directly at my window or anything. It’s literally sitting at my desk, with my monitors between in and the windows, and it’s morning. My office windows face southwest, so there is no direct sunlight in the morning.

And off course Vera can’t find the little sucker this morning… “Can’t find Device”. It found it yesterday after multiple tries, and eventually a system restore. Vera support was unable to help. Battery is new, and I’ve tried waking it up with the B button and telling Vera to poll the node.

Edit: Did another system restore back from 3/28, readded the eyeball. Just adding it, it shows 79.34F and 6 lux. 79F seems a bit high again. I added it in my basement, where the Vera controller is, within 3 feet, so it could establish the secure connection. 3 devices are showiing up in my office for it now, but now it’s not responding to movement.

Below are the configuration settings:

Okay, I feel really stupid. Found the problem. Battery. I measured it, and it reads 1.3V. This is normal range for a AA battery, but not for a CR123a. I replaced the battery with a new one, and it’s responding much better. I also wasn’t aware that any change to the configuration settings needed to be made in close proximity to the controller, and I had to manually wake it back up (3 clicks of the B-button). Once I figured that out, I was able to change the configuration settings, and I’m getting much more accurate readings.

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I hate it when someone lets the electrons out of my batteries :slight_smile:

For after you get it mounted wherever it’s going … I’ve been updating parameters with the FGMS-001’s left wherever they are in the house, and I have a couple outside the house too. They update when they next do their regular wakeup, without having to take them down, open them up and do the three-button-press.

That doesn’t apply when you change the wakeup interval. Without doing the three-button-press in that case, I’ve had a couple get into a mode where they try to wakeup continuously and totally take over the zwave network.

That’s good to hear. It would be very annoying to have to get a step stool out every time I wanted to make a setting change.

It’s settled down now that it’s mounted. My office is reading 91 lux, temperature 71.42°F. I’m not entirely sure the lux reading is completely accurate, but I’ll give it some time and play with it before I start using it logic actions.

The only other thing I need to figure out is the new device it created _GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) I’m assuming this is the seismic sensor?

That shouldn’t be, no. I don’t have anything like that.
Lux, temperature and motion. Tampering is reported separately


Yes, that child device is the report from the shock sensor in the device. I find that it also detects slamming doors and the occasional sonic boom (I live near an Air Force Base). Mine reports either 0 or 14. I’ve never tried playing with the tamper threshold to see what effect it has.

If you check, you’ll see it also creates a 5th device, which is hidden, that is also related to the shock sensor.

@Catman : those extra two devices started being created when pairing after a recent firmware update, I forget which one. So if you’ve had it paired for a long time, you won’t see them.

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Okay, interesting. I just went into AltUI and found the 3 in 1 sensor (seismic), and it was hidden. I think the _GET_LANG one must be the shock sensor. It’s showing as level 11, probably from me carrying it to the Vera controller (down in the basement)

Fair call. I won’t move from 7.29 until it’s a lot less (apparently) likely to trash my set up.

My wife would not be pleased :smiley:

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