Fibaro Or Vera Or Anything else

I plan to buy a new smarthome hub for my new house. After doing some research I ended up with VeraPlus/Edge or Fibaro HC2. I do have some experience with veralite in the past, but it keep removing / disconnecting devices in a random manner. Is this problem still persistence in the VeraPlus/Edge? I heard HC2 is much more stable than the vera’s contender. Is it true? what is the generally known problem for the HC2? Thanks

It’s been while since your question, 4 years - I hope you didn’t go for Vera! I am testing Vera Plus some weeks and I am sorry to say it is unreliable. Ghost devices still appear the same as many years ago. From time to time you need to unpair and pair again, which means you need to modify all your scenes / scripts. After so many years it looks like alpha release. To configure simple USB storage for DataMine plugin, I had to ssh to Linux. It works somehow now… I will double think if I will extend my network with VeraPlus, or move to something else.

I am aware this is Vera community forum, and it is not nice to say negative words, but I am just disappointment and frustrated.

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