Fibaro RGBW Controller

This looks interesting. Wonder what this new device is that fibaro is releasing?

sounds like a 4 Channel (red,green,blue,white) LED controller. mood lighting…Z WAVE STYLE? oh yes. I will hold off buying my LED lighting for my kitchen bar for this. (if this is truly what it is.)

Ok, here comes the presentation. Seems to be both a controller for rgb leds and it has possibility to attach 4 input sensors. As always fibaro seems to add a lot of functionality.

Holy sh! That’s a lot of added extras for (if the module looks like their other dimming/relay modules) such a tiny thing

the parking sensor but is cool…

Fibaro reminds me a lot of the guys in our local Hackerspace: always thinking in terms of possibilities and practical applications, “what would I do with this?” Their competitors usually display a much narrower vision. I’m starting to like these guys more and more.

One thing I noticed on the device description, something that has been ostensibly missing from Z-wave devices so far: over-the-air firmware updates.

Wow, looks like a really capable device. Especially with the ability to read out analog sensors. Imagine the possibilities. Really happy with this, I am going to order one as soon as my supplier as them in stock.

BIG QUESTION: Will Vera be able to control it properly…???

firmware updates are great but should not be neccesary. vera control probably after someone wrote a plugin for it :slight_smile:

Every time I start a plugin ( now 4 in total) I keep my breath. Vera gets slower. And when raising ANY support ticket to results in a standard discussion about plugins and their load etc.
So question is if vera will support this module or not.

Let me remind this is a native zwave device and not a soft device (rfxcom).

I BET homecenter2 will support it…

running 11 plugins on my vera lite… not causing any noticable delays.
offcourse vera supports this as it is z-wave , but controlling the device is another thing it need additional software to be usefull.
suffice to say HC2 supports ther own stuff xD

I ordered a fibaro rgbw controller , from what i can find about it, it should be working on my vera lite.
here is some info about the settings
here you can buy the RGBW ledstrip, this is a 72 leds version (36 warm white and 36 RGB leds) which is 12 leds more then the usual versions with 60 leds on it.
it requires a powersupply of 12 Volt 6 Amps to work properly some additional connectors for the powersupply connect to the strip and additional wire for extending it to the mounting spot.

For what I understood reading on fibaro forums, I don’t think you need the “amplifier”, I think you can feed the fibaro rgbw with the power supply and it will output directly to the led strip, like the fibaro dimmer.
Or maybe you have additional technical informations ?

amplifier ? offcourse i need it… if it was only to make noise lol

for the ledstrips… you dont need it most of the time … when you have more then one led strip of 5 meters connected its needed
mind that a controller is not the same as a dimmer.
for example these things here
if you happen to have 72 leds a meter you would need this in between if you have more then 5 meter of led strip. you would put this in between every 5 meter so the signal doesnt drop and give undesirable color effects on the strip. so you would attach the powersupply to the fibaro thingy and the ledstrip also, if you have more then 5 meter of ledstrip attached to the fibaro then after 5 meter of ledstrip inbetween you put this amplifier and attach to that the next 5 meters and then another amplifier and then the next 5 meters and so on.
for example you can also put after the 5 meter of ledstrip a huge amplifier like this one and then attach 10 meter of 72 leds/m strip to it

ok, so if you have less than 5 meter/60 leds of led strip the fibaro and a power supply is enough, for each 5 meter you want to add, you need the amplifier.
Is that right ?
Thanks !

that is correct :slight_smile:
i have no idea yet how much power the fibaro can take , if it can handle 12A then you can also use a 12A powersupply and 10 meters of 60 leds/m strip on it.

If it’s like the other fibaro modules, you can probably pair them and then use other fibaro rgbw as amplifiers.
This can be useful if later yo want to select other colour for the other strips

the idea of the amplifier is to be able to make longer strips then the powersupply and controller is able to handle.
pairing more fibaro modules in the UI5 can be done. pairing fibaro modules themselves is not a good idea.
if you want to do it like you said the best way is to make separate strips with powersupply>fibaro>ledstrip and control these from the vera unit.
the fibaro rgbw is a controller not a amplifier, just for the record.

Have a look at this eBay shop that sell RGB kits and strips etc.

They also have the wifi kits which are compatible with the MiLight app as detailed here.,14471.0.html

thats something different then the fibaro RGBW controlled 360 leds strip. this one has RGB and warm white (the W in RGBW) in one strip and has more leds/meter, does not use external wifi thing, works directly with vera over z-wave protocol. probably it requires a plugin to make use of the full potention but it can run with lua to start with. fibaro is also going to release it for US frequency. really looking forward to play with it :slight_smile:

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