Fibaro RGBW Controller

im getting my Fibaro RGBW controller next friday :slight_smile:
ordered the led strip from the website i mentioned (very friendly people, had chat with them for an hour and convinced them to get a vera domotica system as well lol)
i wonder how this is gonna work out.
from the specs of the RGBW controller taken, it looks like it can handle 10 Meters of the 360 leds/m ledstrip with a 12v 12A powersupply or
10 Meters ledstrip with 2x 12v 6A powersupply and a amp of 175 Watts
video :

it looks like it can handle 10 Meters of the 360 leds/m ledstrip with a 12v 12A powersupply
Have you got a good, really dark, pair of sun-glasses? 8)

i looked at the spam posted in the forum and i do not like them ray-BANs :stuck_out_tongue:
ah well the 10 meter one only does 2600 lumen at max and one can dim them ^^
specs fibaro RGBW :
there is a variable 14 for other controllers, manual suppose to be here but link is changing into something not working > must be this one for use with vera
have to find out where to find some sensors like wind/humidity and such to connect to it. any ideas where and which i could use ? 0-10v input
it could also control fan-speed and have potentio-meters attached. might look into that to be able to control the color directly.
this thing has way too many options… takes me whole day to figure it all out lol

edit: wasnt finished ::slight_smile:

spoken to fibaro… they mentioned a setup like having 4 windsensors or tempsensors attached to the RGBW controller and let these control the RGBW led-stip… how freaking cool is that ! ;D
it also has energymetering, something i didnt see in the other fibaro devices.

Will vera show the rgbw controller correctly? With a device which is easily controllable?

going to find out today
i am getting the controller and going to include it to the vera. if im correct it will show as a dimmer and perhaps on/off switch.
there are so many options that i need a curriculum for it to understand xD
define easy controllable … it probably will turn on and off and perhaps dim the whole strip at once. for the color choosing and saturation per channel… i have no idea yet. im getting the device between 1700 and 1900 PM dutch time. when i have it i’ll post a screenshot of it.


Alsi very interested in the 4 inputs to co nect windmeter etc…
Possibly it will show up like the fibaro universal sensor?

Let’s see and hope mcv is not getting too far behind on funtionality compared to fibaro hc2.

the 4 inputs can be set independantly from the ledstrip control and this is really a great option. i was planning to put a weatherstation on it. still have to find some gear that outputs 0-10v. seen a few on fibaro site but there rather expensive. perhaps we can collect some links to suitable devices. the fibaro hc was based on mios , dont know if it still is, but it should be easy to copy some stuff from them. the RGBW controller is the newest fibaro has and i have one today that is from first shipment to netherlands so i guess it needs to be connected to vera first to find out what it does and it probably needs its own plugin/z-wave setting. i read about parameter 14 which should make other controllers then hc2 be able to steer it , but frankly i have no idea how this is going to work out. testing phase starts with getting the thing included and see what it does. like the fibaro binary sensor it perhaps needs to be re-included when adding a 0-10v sensor to it. lets wait and see…

sensors: 0-10v linear DC output lux light sensor fluorecent dimmer wind sensor temp/humidity/dewpoint lux sensor barometer 0-5v CO2 0-5v fluid flow sensor RFA type pressure sensor photo electric red sensor linear transducer humidity and temp sensor duct temp sensor temp/hygro/dewpoint programmable sensor various sensors, 15 channel weatherstation temperature sensor—niveausensor-401015.html?parentId=4196 niveau sensor 3-wire 0-10v output transducer 0-10v output for hygro
here we go :slight_smile:
picture from the device and box.
pretty little screws on it
ok… so i added the fibaro RGBW to the vera , just press b button 3 times … and ended up with 6 dimmer controls :slight_smile: 1 white, 1 warm white, 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue
i have no sensors attached and none showed up.

now its waiting for someone to write a plugin for it :smiley:

confirming it works with voice-control using garretwp android app authomation… unreal 8)

main device : on/off, dimmer for complete ledstrip RGBW , shows energy used in Watts
e1 : on / off , dimmer same as main device
e2 : on / off , dimmer red
e3 : on / off , dimmer green
e4 : on / off , dimmer blue
e5 : on / off , dimmer warm white

RGB leds is set to any level between 0-100%
W (warm white leds) is set to any level between 0-100%
RGB and Warm white leds are separate controllable and dimmed
main device is overall dimmer dims complete ledstrip

Wow! Cool.

now its waiting for someone to write a plugin for it :-D

You want another control block for this thing? :o Six isn’t enough for you? ::slight_smile: What would you want the plugin to do?

well im considering to make a colorwheel and automated fade/change color of the RGBW values and presets for the windows app im making. but it might be faster and better to make a plugin for that. 1 plugin that controls the whole color range of the strip and some way of letting it fade and change colors.

This module is really the module i am looking for, Input 0-10v there are tons of sensors for it, Example RLV sensor from Conrad, double configured aboud 40 euro’s and measure within 2% accuracy. It even measure temperature
I use them before with Siemens Logo but too bad it was only 8 bit.

Too bad Vera 3 (in my case) or just the Vera lite doesn’t have plugins for it. I have tried sensors from Oregon with the rfxcom, There was a plugin, When the temperature was 25 degrees, the system gives 40 degrees! I can do it better with just my finger above my head. Also, it should be great if you could measure Tempereature and say, its 25 degrees, switch on an Air conditioning of when you measure 69% rlv switch on the humidifier and turn it off when it is 70%
There is no plugin or script on the Vera whitch will do that,
Indeed there is an Everspring SKU: EVR_ST814 in Dutch “Everspring temperatuur en vochtigheidssensor” That will switch on and off but not from 25 to 25,2 celcius or switch from 69% tot 70% More like an offset 2 celcius and aboud 5 % rlv at a minimum. And that should not be very accurate.

Got mine today! But I have no ledlist to run yet.

It is probably easiest to write a new plugin for it. But the UI components is pretty limited on vera. Colorwheel for example is impossible to implement at the moment (without popping up a new window). We might need some help from the vera developers to create it.

get one at the store i mentioned… the’re really helpfull and the only one to have a 72 leds/m rgbw strip.
my setup is:
1 fibaro RGBW
1 ledstrip :
1 powersupply :
1 DC connector :

connect it :
powersupply > DC connector > red wire to + (outer left) > black wire to - (next to red)
ledstrip black > to same place as red wire from DC connector (outer left)
red > to R
green> to G
blue > to B
grey > to W
include in vera and dont change anything in the settings.
the colorwheel would be very hard but perhaps can do it with java in device tab on vera
it can also be setup with different buttons for each color , i got to 55 buttons in samsung remote and there is more space on the tab. should not be that hard to accomplish.

They don’t seem to ship to Sweden…

Anyone found a good wateproof RGBW led list on aliexpress or ebay?

how bout this ?

Wow! can’t wait to have a colorwheel in Vera!!!

And what happens if you connect a sensor (0-10v) to IN1,2,3,4? Will it automaticaly show up after pairing? and if not, what needs t be done manually?

Last thing… why are windsensors 0-10v so freakin’ expensive compared to a simple one included in a (e.g. Conrad) weatherstation kit? I can find one below 120-200 euro.

colorwheel is a bit tricky to make in a plugin for now… perhaps there is a way. im going to fix it in my windows UI for vera over here :,15583.0.html
its not ready for a while as it takes a lot of code and figuring out how to do stuff.
i dont know about the sensors… perhaps there PRO quality and the simple ones have a weatherstation to do the transducing in hardware so wont take separate controllingstuff in it…
as per manual there should not be new inclusion for sensors but i have none to try it out as there expensive and i dont need them that hard.

HY-ANA-10v a humidity sensor with 0-10 V output, it is very precise.
But how would you connect it to one of those inputs Fibaro? I mean how do you find a (lua) program? So you can say: put the humidifier in 69% and turn off at 71%
Any ideas where I can find that program rules

Edited because i was stupid and forgot to translate my question. I am sorry.

first… main language is english on this forum.
second : the + of the sensor goes on 12V, the - goes on GND , the 0-10V output of sensor goes to IN1 , IN2, IN3 or IN4. the main device device options set to add parameter 14 > 4 digit HEX > 8888
i have no such 0-10V device so im guessing that it will show up as a generic IO device, which needs a devicetemplate like D_HumiditySensor1.xml but this could be not showing as it is directly connected to the RGBW control and renders the vera control non-usable when using 0-10V inputs.

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