Fibaro RGBW module reset

Hey guys, I have a few fibaro RGBW modules around the house but I’m using them solely for inputs and outputs (in the right mode).
I’m using them as inputs for my alarm system, PIR status and also tripped and armed status.
But other modules as outputs to arm/disarm HVAC control etc etc.
Usually all works well.

But… it could be after a week, or a period of months the RGBW modules start to muck up.
For example a group of 4 inputs stop responding, examples they won’t signal in Vera that they have turned on.
Or outputs controlling my HVAC will start to toggle on and off randomly.

Good news, if I remove supply power to the modules they reset and start working again, for a random amount of time. But this is difficult for hard wired components.
Or within Vera, if I use the function ‘reconfigure’ via reactor this also fixes the issue, however this resets the name of all channels under the parent and gives them a new device number which makes all my programming stuffed.

Question: is there a way through Vera to send a restart signal to the fibaro rgbw module that will hopefully restart the module to fix my issues, however won’t change my settings in Vera.
I can then run a routine every day to restart all my modules.

Any ideas??