Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 - FGR-223 not included correct - showing 3 devices


Including a FGR-223 device creates 3 devices of which the first two respond and the 3rd is a ghost. 1st device gets the name given with include. 2nd and 3rd get “_window covering” and “_window covering 1”.
So this device does not include succesful.

I will open a support case seperately.

Running latest firmware.

Let’s see if vera can make it’s promise true to support all zwave devises in the market. This is a mainstream device.

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Apart from the ghost-devices, is the device working?

I am asking because I have just ordered one…


Yes, the main device works. But as usual vera support is not so fast. I will return it and order a qubino which should be supported.