Fibaro temperature sensors again

For those who are even slightly interested, my Fibaro sensors connected to a Fibaro FGBS321.

This has a long history of the attached temperature sensors simply stopping updating.

On a couple of previous occasions I’ve managed to ‘fix’ it by excluding and re-including the FGBS321 which is a royal PITA

Also I’ve managed to restore to a previous backup.

This hasn’t worked this time and I’d really like to not have to exclude it.

So going into the variables of the temp sensors to see if I can see anything…

On a working one (and this is from AltUI as it’s simpler)

On a failed one, loads of other Attributes, all blank apart from Current Temperature (which is wrong and has not changed for ages) and Manufacturer (0,0,0)

I’ve updated the Capabilities variable by copying from a working sensor but no change as yet.

But I can see this:


Can I just delete all the extra Variables, or do I need to change Configured Assoc to something to make it kick into action?

I can see the non working sensors also have a Status field visible in AltUI that the has ‘2’ as a value

Or am I just on a hiding to nothing?

Answers on a post card?



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