Fibaro Wall Plug/Switch, KWH sensor gives no value

Hi all, my first post as a brand new Vera Plus owner.

Have installed the unit incl RFXtrx module to pick up all my temperature sensors and NEXA switches, all good!

Purchased a Fibaro Wall Plug with integrated KWH sensor.
THe plug is running OK and I can see the Watts reading for the switch itself, but the second sensor “Fibaro Switch KWH” does not give any reading. Is there anything I’m missing to get it to work?

I’m using Home Assistant and I can’t read of the W/KWH value from the switch itself, only control it on/off.

Attached is a screenshot from Vera Plus

Exact same problem here, whats interesting is that i have a few of these added in the zwave network with prior vera releases and the phantom KHH device was not created in those to begin with so only a main plug device was created that showed the power consumption, . this only SEEMs to be created in the newer releases only not sure if anyone else can confirm these symptoms.
Another option is your device the older FGWPEF101 model or the newer FGWPF-102 model with Zwave plus?? I have a feeling this could be part of the problem as the older models I have working properly i believe are of the 101 variety where the new ones might be the 102 but I need to confirm.