Fibaro Walli

Is Fibaro new Walli compatible with VERA? If yes which ones are please?

And the most important question, has anybody tried it, what was the feedback?

They are saying it is the same devices but the difference is the form factor, i will try to order some today and see if they are compatible. i will update the info once i install and try them.

I look forward for these as well. They seem like a solid solution for EU users.

However, I think that, as with all basic on/off switches, this should work out of the box with Vera, minus the advanced features.

Hello, I finally tested the fibaro Walli switch, what i like about it:

  • it worked directly with Vera, used the generic zwave device and all worked well.
  • you can control the LED ring and choose the ring colour for OFF and for ON, you can also make it change according to load, but i didn’t try that, not sure what is the benefit.
  • it looks elegant

What i don’t like:

  • it comes only in white colour
  • they said it is compatible with other brands face-plates, however, i tried Gira and it didn’t work

Edit: there is a bad thing about Walli which is the switch itself, the plastic frame that you need to fix in the electric box is made out of soft plastic that can bend, the problem with that is that if you have the slightest bend in this frame, the on/off switch will not work properly, either up or down buttons will not work, it is not easy fixing it to the wall because of that

overall i think it is a very nice switch, i have to try the dimmer and the roller shutter, but i think they are pretty much the same.