Firmware updates bricks my VeraPlus

[quote=“Sorin, post:14, topic:199513”]Richie, if it’s someone that is understanding your frustration, it’s gotta be me. I’m scanning this forum on a daily basis, even tho I often choose to stay on the side, I’ve seen and experienced both the good and the ugly. This does not mean that these things are passing by.

As many of you may have noticed, the fact that you can freely upload basically anything on Vera it’s also it’s Achilles heel sometimes. Upgrading should never be considered a “risk” and if it happens we will assume it and try to straighten it out as fast as possible.

Simply said a VeraPlus without third-party plugins or not so many of them, will never fail at an upgrade. A simple fix would be to, 1) make a full backup of your system and save it locally 2) reset your Vera to factory defaults 3) upgrade your VeraPlus 4) restore the backup.

Again, I’m really sorry that this is happening at all, but if we seem passive about it, we’re not. The situation is being approached starting from the revamping of the API, app store, core drivers and software and so on. Things will change, it will not be overnight but things are continuously changing.

LE: If you have any doubts or a reluctance about a firmware upgrade, I highly suggest having our Customer Care deal with it for you. They ARE FAST and good at what they’re doing. I’ve been with them for the last 5 years and trust me, they’ve come a long way.[/quote]

Sounds reasonable and I know that the people there work hard. However I bricked mine with an update. Had to replace it. I had a backup but that didn?t work quite well on the new firmware. Not all the devices are up and I cannot include new devices, nor old, because of it. Customer care tried hard, but no relief. I have to set up all my work again (a weeks work), or leave it like this. And this isn.t the first time. Would really be nice if this could be prevented with updates. I now hesitate to update, not to say I don?t update at all. And still I have a crippled system.

I should have read the forums before upgrading which has bricked my unit as well and now I’m going to be faced with many hours attempting to reset the unit and then restore! Not Happy

Two consecutive Vera Plus units bricked on installation this past week. As soon as I added each new VeraPlus to my account, an automatic firmware upgrade started but never finished. I was left with a rapid flashing power light, and a unit unresponsive to SSH, ping, or factory default reset. I will just continue on with my Vera Edge, which is working now that tech support, who did a fantastic job, restored it to normal operation. I understand now how I might have avoided this problem, attributed to a very old firmware which bricked the unit when trying to install current firmware, but it involved a procedure very different from the installation instructions that came with the Vera Plus.

I installed a new Vera Plus with a new account name today and the exact same thing happened. The dashboard didn’'t give me the option to update the firmware or not it just started. It’s a brand new unit… Made a special trip to a semi-remote location to set up a Vera system with motion and temp sensors, water detector, camera and a remote thermostat. Waiting on tech support to call or email. I’m only here for a few days. I hope they contact me soon. Why?

I just attempted to install a new Vera Plus. It automatically installed the software update, which appears to have finished, but when I try to connect it says it is offline. The power button is blinking very quickly and no other lights are active. Is my New Vera Plus bricked? Not a good way to start.

Same thing here, no it isn’t. I have a Vera Plus at home under a different username and it’s working fine. Go figure…

Exact same thing. Returned and got another unit and exact same thing. Hangs on update and is unresponsive. Can’t hard reset, etc.

Hi and welcome, seems to me this lastest firmware does not play well with updating from stock firmware. @sorin hope eZlo are on top of this.

This is caused by the disk partition size (known issue). Best thing to do is clean up space before the update.

These are new out of the box vera’s, how can the clean up space before the update?

SSH is always enabled. So, setup, no fw update, clean space, then fw update.

I’m sorry to hear this. As far as I know the guys are still working on this matter. I’ve asked for an update for you guys.

LE: we currently have a developer’s only v7.32 closed beta build that will address these issues with VeraPlus and many more.

We also have a solution for this which should also be ready by the time 7.32 will be public.


Sorin, when will 7.32 be public? My 2nd new, out-of-the-box Vera Plus is useless at this point.


These new units bricking to sounds like the openWrt version is not right for the 7.31 update. Quite a few reported bricking installed Plusses and Edges with the update and it had to do with the openWrt version.

Look at the file /etc/openwrt_build and make sure it says 240 for a Plus (133 for Edge) before trying to update. If it is an order version, first contact Vera support to have this corrected.

Cheers Rene

Can support fo anything for a new just unboxed one that is in the corrupted state or just return it (again)?

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