Flagship VeraSecure being Abandoned?

So, I have 3 VeraSecure controllers, all set up as automation plus security. First I lost monitoring on all of them, then finally got “VeraProtect” back for one that is in NC, and now the only other security notification that reliably works–the text notifications–is being cancelled as well!! I have reached out multiple times to get a status update on VeraProtect with no response. I had trained up an employee to begin installing these systems in homes and small businesses, but put the endeavor on hold when services got suspended. Now I don’t see a path back to this. I saw the new VeraSecure as Vera’s Flagship product, and the evolution of HA, but the device is clearly being abandoned instead. I am now running out of reasons to stick with this platform…
I’m very disappointed.


That totally blows! Was the monitoring service something offered through MCV?

VeraProtect was in Beta when Ezlo took over. The Beta was shut down in February 2019, and then Ezlo rolled it back out on November 2019 with the following firmware note: “VeraProtect’s availability is limited to the United States, where the service is available in most of the states, with the exception of UT (Utah), TN (Tennessee), AL (Alabama), VA (Virginia), MD (Maryland), CA (California), TX (Texas), and FL (Florida)”

Radio Silence after that…

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No Vera Protect outside some US states. Text service ended. Support ignore raised issues. What next. Is this the beginning of the end of Vera?

That, I believe, was some time ago.

Excuse my ignorance but does Ezlo intend to bring out a new, compatible product in the near future? I do not want to learn a whole new way of implementing my home automation on a new ezlo product when I might as well use another vendors product with a defined timeline/future and start from scratch with that.


The only ‘compatible’ environment that I know of is openLuup. This allows you to retain your logic and plugins, plus your overall familiarity with Vera, but in a much more stable environment which can be migrated to pretty much any hardware platform.


Hi John, someone will be with you shortly, sorry for the delay.
The guys are doing their best given the current global situation.

VeraSecure and VeraProtect are not getting abandoned. They are both alive and well even tho in parallel the team is working on the new line-up of controllers and awesome new services.

Hello @JTG I was sorry to hear that. After the announcement about the SMS notifications we received several complaints about it. So here we created a list. We will ask everyone to fill in there with their username and email address if they are in need of getting the sms notifications after next week.

So please go to this post and add your username and email adress there. That will be enough for you to keep getting the SMS notifications after next week.

I also saw that you have 2 of your units in Florida. Please be informed that Florida (and California) are currently being added to Vera Protect service. The Vera Protect service will be up and running also in those 2 states soon.


More the middle of the end, really…


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Soon is clearly relative–I lost monitoring over a year ago; and the VeraSecure is now showing “out of stock” at the Vera store. At what point do actions speak louder than words? We live in an age where tech product life cycles are limited to 5 years or so. With the opening up of the Z-wave chips by SMC, Vera/Ezlo was poised to take on the ISPs, Amazon and Google for HA with security from a strong foundation of supported devices and platform maturity, with several options to get there, whether it be a deeper partnership with 2gig/Alarm.com, or bringing better security-centric apps and components in-house to offer complete solutions without the subscription-based model of other vendors. I simply don’t see any of these things happening from where I sit. I’m not sure why Ezlo bought out Vera if the only goal was to appease current Vera users while pushing a different platform that was already developed. Unless something changes fast, the moment Amazon and Google reach a level of maturity on their HA/Security platforms, it will be game over for Ezlo and the Vera brand.


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