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Is there a way to set the lights for say 9pm at peak of summer and have vera automatically decrease the hour that it turns on based upon sunset? so say turn on the lights at 9pm at peak of summer moving toward 8 as summer wanes, moving toward the shortest day of the year and turning lights on at 5pm. That way I don’t have to go into Vera and adjust times that lights come on throughout the year.

Should be able to do it with the “Day or Night” plugin. It tracks sunset/sunrise and you can set an offset from those times.

Have a look at Reactor, it will do everything you want and more…

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Sunrise & sunset, plus or minus fixed offsets, are available as a standard part of Vera’s scene schedules.


This is what I do. I turn my lights on 2 hours before sunset everyday just using Vera scenes. Then I have a separate set of scenes to turn them off. I have one scene that turns off the lights in the family room and then another scene to turn off the lights in the primary BR. Obviously, one could set the lights to come on at sunset each day or a certain amount of time before or after sunset. At any rate, basing it on a time before sunset works well for me and without adding a plug in or using Reactor or PLEG.

I had first PLEG and later Reactor set up to offset before/after sunrise/sunset based upon the sky conditions of Darksky. 0 min offset if clear, 15 min. off set if overcast, and 30 minutes if raining/snowing. So if it is raining and it is 30 minutes before sunset, exterior lights come on. Overcast 15 minutes, clear at sunset. In the morning, lights go off at sunrise if clear, 15 minutes after sunrise if overcast, and 30 minutes after sunrise of raining.

How do I use reactor? Seems complicated.

I installed it then kept getting errors so uninstalled.

@zedrally What I am trying to do is just move my existing device schedules to 60 minutes before sunset and then just one or two turn off at Sunrise like outdoor lights. I am not a developer so I am looking for a way to simply do this. Do you have an example of how I can do what I am trying to do?

Seems there are are better ways than using the sunrise/sunset plugin (ie scene schedules), so unstalling it, is a step in the right direction!

I called support and they showed me how to do it with the scene schedules. Thanks Everyone!!!

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