FortrezZ water flow meter-recent plug in question

I have a vacation house with a FortrezZ outside water shut off valve plus a FortrezZ water flow meter. The latter has been nonfunctional for Vera for a year or so until FortrezZ paid for the development of a plug in which is now available through Vera. I installed the plug in at my vacation house and reincluded the flow meter and it started counting gallons of water used which was fine. I was in Home Mode on my Vera Plus at that point. I have not updated Firmware on my Vera for a while (perhaps a year, given all of the issues that folks here have experienced).

At any rate, I had to leave my water on when I departed to my primary residence as I have contracted to have a front walkway installed plus replacing my patio in back with pavers (my flagstone patio and walkway were failing badly). The installers needed access to water, and unfortunately my outside spigots are on my inside water line. At any rate, when I went to Away mode, which turns on my light scenes and motion detectors inside the house. I started getting flow meter tripped and untripped messages presumably due to the paver installers using the outside water–like more than 100 per day, which is annoying, jamming up my phone and makes detecting ‘real’ issues (like my tripping of my inside motion detectors) difficult to detect among the onslaught of Vera messages.

So my question is whether there is any way to turn off the reporting of tripping and untripping of my flow meter in the away mode. BTW, the flow meter is NOT included in any scenes that I have on my Vera, so these are native responses of the flow meter and its plug in.

Thanks for any help.

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