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@Sorin, yesterday in the afternoon the Community Forums were all but down for me, and apparently several others. The site was mostly showing a certificate expiring on 3/17/2020–yesterday–although we also occasionally saw a cert with 12/18/2019 expiration. The site was occasionally, but not consistently readable, and we often got the “spinning wheel of foreverness” over a blank page. When trying to post, the footer would say “Saving…” and never move, and in my case, I got one post through but the rest not. This apparently didn’t effect everyone, though, as users in NL, CA, and AU reported slowness but no interruption of access/posting. It seemed US users were affected most.

This morning it seems ship-shape again with a certificate showing a 3/6/2022 expiration date, although at least one user is still showing the 12/18/2019 certificate.

Can you elucidate?


I can only confirm your findings and that the guys are aware of this.
They’ve worked on this a few hours ago and everything should be alright at the moment.

If anyone still has issues, do let me know :v:


@Sorin, FYI, Let’s Encrypt is your friend - while there is now a forum cert until 2022, eventually it will expire. Let’s Encrypt offers free ssl certificates and automated certificate renewal and installation is built into many reverse proxies and they also offer a certbot that automatically news and installs certs. There is a reason that they have issued over 1 billion Certificates to 190 million websites. :muscle: :+1:


Sounds good, I’ll bring this up to the sysadmins team.

I think the certificate that expired on 17/03/2020 was, in fact, an LE cert, oddly enough.

Still seeing the 12/19/2019 expiration on Chrome.

Could you try with an incognito page ? Or try to clear the cache of your browser ?

Cleared the site-specific data—cert is now correct.


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