Future devices compatability? (Like the Aeotec Doorbell 6)

Is there any way to determine if a future device will be compatible with my Vera Secure? Is there any place I can see a list of upcoming devices that will get dedicated support in Vera? As in not adding them as “generic zwave”…

Is there some way I can add XML files or similar to my Vera Secure to get something better than “generic zwave”? If so, where can I find more information about this?

In my case, I’m looking at the Aeotec Doorbell 6. Looks to be released this summer. Doorbell 5 seem to work with Vera (based on reading posts here). It is a Zwave Plus device so should be compatible, but will it be possible to select to add “aeotec doorbell” or will I have to go down the road of “generic zwave”?

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We are working on a process as we speak. I’ll share it with you guys, as soon as I have details.

Any idea when it will be possible to add the Aeotec Doorbell 6 to the Vera Edge gateway? Tried to trick the system by adding the Doorbell 5 instead but that does net help in this case. Would love to add the Doorbell 6.

Any news about support for the doorbell 6?
Just got a hold of one, but the generic or dorbell 5 route is a dead end, maybe someone got a fix?

Same problem here, just got mine in and Vera Plus just deletes it after “successfully” adding it as a device.
Tried Doorbell 5 and Generic device.

Please fix asap, can’t configure the doorbell without z-wave inclusion!

Please update @Sorin

I’ve responded in another thread. It’s the same process for this device.

Thanks for the quote @Sorin
I get the process, the problem we are facing here however is that it actually doesn’t work at all.

A few devices I have which are unknown to the VeraPlus all connect fine with the Generic Z-Wave template. The Doorbell 6 can be added but is instantly thrown away again, to be honest things like this should have the highest priority to fix. Even if it’s only to be able to add them as generic, where full support gets added later on.

I hope there is a way to manually add this to the VeraPlus so I can start using it, right now it’s impossible to configure, so please send me in a direction how I can get this thing to work.

Thanks for the transparency Sorin!
Please put in a good word for the Doorbell 6 to the Product and Integration Team, so that it’s hopefully chosen for the next sprint.

We have seen one firmware update in a year. I am not sure this is their highest priority. I wonder where we are with all the talk in the past about firmware, hardware integration, etc etc etc

Wow way too much censorship. Nothing wrong with my original post as far as I can see. Stating a fact. I guess it offended someone.

I’ve added an integration request in the part of the forum that @Sorin suggested. Feel free to add your votes there :wink:

Just voted, I really hope for this to be supported. My girlfriend is about to throw the doorbell out of the window as of the high volume, i would really need to configure it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been 3 months since last post. Any word yet as to when doorbell 6 will be integrated?

It’s in the latest firmware… But the latest firmware does not seem to be stable :frowning: I’m waiting with the upgrade until it has been patched even though I have my Doorbell 6 already.

The “latest firmware” from last month or is there another I haven’t heard about yet?

If it’s the one from last month, the doorbell 6 still doesn’t work. I’ve had my db6 for 7 months waiting on this integration.

If there is a new “latest firmware” when can we expect that to be released? Another 6 months to a year?

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Are you running the 7.30 firmware? It was pulled, but some people have it running. Think it’s still available for the Edge (and possibly some other units), but not the Plus


Yes, I’m running 7.30 on the Vera Secure. It will add the Aeotec Doorbell 6 along with about 15 “_Generic IO” devices that don’t do anything. Theres no way to activate or do any functions or change sounds etc.

What? So the “fix” in 7.30 will allow me to add doorbell 6 as a device but I can’t do anything with it? What kind of stupid fix is that?

I was expecting to be able to run Lua code to activate the siren and to trigger scenes when doorbell button is pressed… If that’s not doable then what’s the point?


Well that’s the latest.

If we tag @melih he might be able to explain when the next release is due.


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I like to add the interest for DB6 device functionality for Vera Plus as well. Added the DB6 as generic device and now it bounces on-line/off-line like mad, using the sw. ver. 1.7.4453 (have to find a way to forcibly exclude it).


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Please all aeontec devices what are new should be supported with in 2 or 3 months after release. I already bought the siren 7 and the door sensor 7. But they do not work. Oke with a lot of work you can get the door sensor to work. But it should be easier to use them together. I like the Vera Plus and the for sure they could be the winners but please give us the chance to work with new devices faster.

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