Future devices compatability? (Like the Aeotec Doorbell 6)


Is there any way to determine if a future device will be compatible with my Vera Secure? Is there any place I can see a list of upcoming devices that will get dedicated support in Vera? As in not adding them as “generic zwave”…

Is there some way I can add XML files or similar to my Vera Secure to get something better than “generic zwave”? If so, where can I find more information about this?

In my case, I’m looking at the Aeotec Doorbell 6. Looks to be released this summer. Doorbell 5 seem to work with Vera (based on reading posts here). It is a Zwave Plus device so should be compatible, but will it be possible to select to add “aeotec doorbell” or will I have to go down the road of “generic zwave”?


We are working on a process as we speak. I’ll share it with you guys, as soon as I have details.