Garage Door Module Help Please

Hello, just had a new roller garage door installed which I want to zwave up, I have attached the control board diagram and I have been told I can just connect 19 & 20 with a single push button to open and close

These appear to be low voltage terminals any idea what zwave module I could use for this

Thank you

Any dry zwave relay would work if you only intend to open and close without sensing status.
You would have to insert it parallel with the push button connected to terminals 19-20.
Now if you want an actual zwave garage door opener controller, I would recommend the linear GD00Z sold under many brands. Not sure how available it is in your region.

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Thank you for the reply so would this work
Z-Wave Fibaro Single Switch 2 Gen5


Not being an electrician could you give me a clue on what you suggested re the wiring

would I take a L & N feed off the control panel 3&4
then I am unsure where to connect 19&20 on the Fibaro

Thank you

So do you mean S1 connected to 19 then another connection from S1 to 20? then L & N from 3&4


Ok I think I got a little bit ahead of myself. Depending on your garage door, you may need what is called a momentary relay to mimic the button action. It means that it needs to only close the circuit for a short amount of time just like it would if you pressed the button. This fibaro is not a dry relay. It is a switch. It means it will carry the live lead current into the S1 or S2 terminal which would certainly burn some circuits.

NO! The FGS-213 is an AC line level relay. You need a dry contact relay (no voltage present) to actuate the motor.

Ok thank you both, anyone got a make\model of a zwave dry contact relay?

thank you

I would use a qubino ZMNHBD1
the switch can be wired across t1- I1
and 19 and 20 to Q1,Q2
and 240v supply to L, N
set parameter 11 to 1-3 seconds for momentary use.

Then whether you use the button or vera, vera would get the status. You could add a door sensor and link all with garage door plugin.

Qubino 1D relay

that’s brilliant, thank you for all the responses!


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One more question sorry
Parameter 1 =0 sets to Momentary do I need parameter 11 still?


On what device?

Qubino Flush 2 Relays ZMNHBD1 EU model Z-Wave Plus Module


Hello EICid
Sorry if I am being a bit dense
I have ordered the relay Qubino ZMHHBD1 thank you on the diagram for my control box 19 &20 can just be connected together with a normal momentary switch

  1. I get the bit about wire 240v to L and N in the control box in my earlier post
  2. I dont get the bit about the switch can be wired across t1-l1 - there is no t1 I can see the l1
  3. 19 and 20 to Q1 ,Q2 aren’t these both for different switches?
    I’m sorry if I am being tiresome I just dont want to fry my control box


My mistake i was going on memory.
The image you show is not the model you need, i attach a image of the relay i mean a ZMNHND1.

The switch goes from L to L1. ( please make sure the cable to the switch and the switch are rated for 240v)
and 19/20 go to qin an qout

Qubino_Flush-1D-relay-PLUS-user-manual_V1.4.pdf (531.3 KB)

Damn! I ordered the wrong one then, oh well I guess this one wont work
Qubino Flush 2 Relays ZMNHBD1 EU

Can this one work for my other post in lighting? ie simple on off light switch but with only two wires


p1 sets switch type.
p11 set auto swtch off (as you want the qubino to turn off after a second or two)

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