Garage Door Opener not showing correct status

Hey sorry if i am missing something dumb.

I have a DHS z-wave garage door opener (
It is installed and working in as much as i can click ‘open’ and it will pulse the relay shut and physically open the door, however instead of reading the status for if the door is open or closed from sensor 1 it simply flips back to ‘closed’. I can also physically close the door by pressing open again.

Running a Vera Plus on os7 :slight_smile:

How do i make vera report the doors status for if its open or close from the status of the sensor?

I quickly read the manual for your device. For it to know the garage door status it needs a limit sensor which I am not sure you have. Short of that it won’t be able to report whether the door is open or closed to the vera and will only act as a momentary relay switch…

I have a magnet sensor setup on the door and its wired into S1, it reports as a binary sensor in vera and works its just that it shows up as another device.

so use the magnet door sensor to let you know when the door is open or closed.

as the relay is inching and only reports its state. which will be on until inching turns it off

Problem with leaving them as two different devices like that is to close the garage door if its open the command would be ‘hey google open the garage door’ or i would tap the ‘open garage’ in vera. Also if i asked ‘is the garage door open’ it would respond correctly instead of ‘is the garage door sensor triggered’. I can setup scenes and stuff to fake it but i would rather it reports correctly.

Add a virtual switch and connect relay via scene or reactor , then fire relay when vitual switch isturned on or turned off. You can then remove relay from google and use virtual switch to open and close.

edit from the wiring diagrams a wired limit switch can be added, this may make the device report state.

You could combine those devices with Garage door plugin, they will show as doorlock in webUI as the plugin is based on doorlock device files but will show as garage door in phone apps if category is set to 32.

For some reason i tried garage door plugin and set it all up from scratch and it is running perfectly now. I will take the win :slight_smile: thanks for the help.

You can now lock or unlock the garage door and if it is open it reports as unlocked and if its closed it reports as locked (after maybe 5 seconds once the door is actually shut).

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