GE 12722 Failures

I have a number of GE Z-wave devices installed in my house. I’ve started having some failures of these devices.

The first device, I cam home from vacation and a GE 12722 switch was toggling on/off rapidly and the blue LED was blinking. I contacted GE and they replaced this one even though it was out of warranty. I had another that the blue LED was blinking on and replaced this with the newer Z-wave Plus 14291.

Now I have another 12722 that the blue LED is not lit. The physical switch still works, but it’s not showing up in my Vera Edge controller. Is this one also shot?

Do these GE/Jasco switches have a high failure rate? If so, is there a better alternative?

Great question. From what I’ve read on the negative reviews on Amazon a number of their smart switches have issues. I’m here also looking for recommendation.

I think some of this is just the nature of Zwave switches. Complicated devices tend to fail more than the mechanical switches they replaced.

I have numerous GE switches, and only one of them has failed. As a switch it continued working, but the ZWave radio was not responding. Now my Intermatic zwave devices are another story.

Before I replace my switches, I usually try to reset them (cut power to them for a time), and if that does not work, then try exclude/include.

But that switch that went bonkers, Yikes!

With about 80 Z-wave switches and dimmers in my network (and another 30 or so sensors as of this writing), I have never had a Leviton or GE switch fail in any way. Every Linear/GoControl switch, however, has been replaced within about two years of purchase due to the exact behavior you describe: sudden bonkers (oscillation of the relay). Fortunately, their behavior did not destroy any of the connected devices (perhaps half of them ceiling or bathroom exhaust fans), except for one CFL bulb that couldn’t take the punishment. During their failure, Z-wave continued to operate, and the switches gave no indication that anything was wrong, it was only my own observation and that of my family that drew attention to the failure.

I had one GE/Jasco switch fail recently. The z-wave side just quit working and could not be paired. I have 20+, most of which have been installed 3 years or so, so a low failure rate.

It was a good excuse to upgrade that switch to the newer z-wave plus model…

I had an Insteon relay for a garage door operator. First the PLM failed after about 2 years, then the relay failed a year after that. That is when I abandoned Insteon. I had a CT30 thermostat z-wave fail and it would take put my z-wave network. My GE switches and other battery devices have been solid over the years.

I have been repairing other Z-wave switches with a similar problem . If someone wants to send a bad switch to me I can see if I can repair them. If I can I charge $10 plus shipping for the repair.
You can contact me if you are interested.