Ge Concord 4 Plugin-who is using it

With the announcement that Interlogix is to shutdown by the end of the year I’m wondering how many users are still using the GE Concord 4 Security panel and Vera Concord 4 plugin.

Obviously spare parts will eventually become hard to obtain and while parts seem to be in plentiful supply at the moment the likes of the RS232 automation module may no longer be available soon.

Have users replaced their panels since the Concord 4 was introduced for Vera

Still using mine. Very reliable for the past 3 years.

Yes the plugin is fine. The news that the panel is being discontinued was a little annoying. Spare parts will become obsolete and hard to come by. They rarely fail but it’s good to know they are available when they do.

The automation module can be prone to failure so maybe a spare purchase might be in order.

There hasn’t been much development on the plugin of recent time but most of the features required are already in place. It’s easy enough to modify the code should it be necessary.

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