GE Fan Switch Custom Device Type

I have 3 of the GE in wall fan switches and I have to admit that my coding skills are super limited in Vera (I was just getting a handle on ST before I couldn’t keep using their ecosystem) and I would like to try and create a device type that sends the Dim levels directly to the switch rather than having a dimmer slider to select. I have been able to look at the switches log to see the values the switch sends to the fan to control the speed but I don’t know where to start to replace the slider with ideally 4 buttons, Off, low, med, high. Ideally each of these buttons would also show what the fan is set to currently (that may be a stretch)

I have tried searching the forum and even the web without much luck. This was pretty simple to do in ST so I would think it is available in Vera as well.

Thanks in advance

Any luck finding a solution for the 3 speed fan control for the GE Fan Control? I am also interested.

Thank you.

Does any one else think all the user input for human verification is major ridiculous? 4 verification boxes… WOW.

Bump. Sorry to revive this old thread but I also have the same problem with the GE 3 speed fan switches. They are detected as fans in Smartthings but as dimmable lights in Vera.

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