GE/Jasko ZW3008 handling by Vera

I know I am late to the party but here is how Vera handles the ZW3008.

It creates a parent which is the unit you name when paring it. This unit is the sensor but Vera will set parameters for a dimmable light.

A second unit is created which is a child and is called _Dimmable light. This is the light.

Then it creates a third unit called _Genaric IO. This unit is critical to the workings of the unit but doesn’t do a thing. If you have multiple units then you will get _Genaric IO 1, 2, 3 and so on. I have a _Genaric IO 13.

To get the sensor to act and look like a sensor you will have to change some attributes.

Go to the unit and go to Advanced/Params and change these files

device_type should be urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1
device_file should be D_MotionSensor1.xml
device_json should be D_MotionSensor1.json

Copy and paste.

Change the _Dimmable light to any name you want to.

Now the sensor will look and act like a sensor and the light will act like a light.

Sorry, you are stuck with the _Genaric IO. Vera seems that your screen needs to have lots of worthless information on it that has nothing to do with your actual life in the real world.

Never too late to the game! Would there be anyway to use the Generic IO device for anything useful? For example, I set a variable to modify the mode (occupancy / vacancy) with Reactor based on the time (sunset/sunrise). I also have a Virtual Switch to disable the motion sensor (ie, if I want to sleep in the living room and dont want the light turning on each time I move). If, the motion sensor is disabled (at least for triggering lights), would there be anyway to still use the sensor to detect motion and alarm (but not actually change the light state)?

I have a computer connection to Vera and use light levels outside to control lights. If it’s an over case dI ay and the LUX outside it 300 then lights in certain rooms will come on. I don’t do sunrise or sunset because weather can make it darker or lighter. I have no idea what the _Genaric IO does. I have tried to figure it out and even Vera has no idea what it does.

Yes, you can still have the sensor activate the alarm without changing the light status. You will have to go into parameters and set parameter number to 3, parameter size to 1 and parameter value to 1. This will separate the sensor from the light.

Then you can arm the sensor so that it will give you an alert without changing light status.

Actually ended up doing this via Reactor triggering on a Virtual Switch. Still need to clean things up though so that a single reactor sensor is used for all of the Virtual Switches.

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