GE12722 On/Off Light Switch Blue LED does not work

I recently installed two if these GE switches side by side. One controlling a bathroom fan one controlling the lights. They are both included and working flawless except the one controlling the lights… The blue led indicator does not come on when is switch is on or off. I can not seem to get it to work by changing variable 3 either.


Faulty LED?


Faulty LED.

Replace the switch.

I have had two in the last 2 years that the LED just quit. I went down to my local Lowes Hardware bought a new GE Switch (different model and box now), came home and took the old one, with the faulty LED and put it in the box and returned it a few days later as defective. I call it under warranty swap. ;D

I’ve put in quite a few of these recently (the dimmer version anyway: the on/off ones I initially tried all made a ‘click’ noise when changing state), and in almost every batch I have one that’s defective.

Usually the defective ones buzz/won’t connect to the hub, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some have defective LEDs as well

i also bought mine from Lowes in December 2013. the switch is still working and responds to scene that i created. the blue LED just stopped working about 3 weeks ago. do you know how many years is the warranty. thanks.